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The legacy of Shurjoint traces back to 1974, when its pioneers crafted their initial grooved couplings from malleable iron, a preferred casting material of that era. Today, Shurjoint is globally acknowledged as a pioneer in designing and producing mechanical piping components of unparalleled quality. Its grooved piping system stands as one of the most advanced, versatile, economical, and reliable systems available.

It is all about simplicity: groove pipe ends, add a gasket, place coupling segments, fasten bolts and nuts for a secure, leak-free joint—three to four times faster than welding. Shurjoint's approach is tool-friendly, making installation quicker compared to flanged joints. The system also enables easy access for maintenance and expansion.

Shurjoint ensures precise assembly—from metal-to-metal contact to specific bolt torque. Offering both rigid and flexible grooved mechanical couplings, they cater to various needs. With a comprehensive range of grooved-end fittings, Shurjoint adheres to industry standards. As part of Aalberts integrated piping systems, Shurjoint drives innovation, efficiency, and reliability in the industry.


Contact Shurjoint

10715 Sikes Place, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28277

704-841-6000 (US)
905-851-9494 (CAN)

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