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September 24-28
Orlando, FL

October 18-23
Columbus, OH

October 9-14
Oklahoma City, OK

ASPE Convention & Expo

Every other year, ASPE produces the ASPE Convention & Expo, attracting thousands of plumbing engineers, designers, specifiers, and contractors with the largest plumbing products and systems tradeshow in the country, combined with unparalleled professional development seminars and networking opportunities. ASPE’s Convention & Expo is the only industry event designed to showcase innovations in plumbing system design—where attendees can learn about the latest plumbing products, services, and design techniques.

Professional Development at Its Best

The ASPE Convention & Expo offers attendees more than 30 educational sessions on topics ranging from project management to green building to advanced plumbing technologies—all guaranteed to provide the information and skills plumbing industry professionals need to succeed in their careers. Each session offers CEUs for license and certification continuing education requirements.

The Largest Plumbing Tradeshow in the Country

The ASPE Convention & Expo features more than 350 exhibits displaying the latest plumbing products and services offered by the industry’s top manufacturers. Plumbing industry professionals travel from all over the country to get acquainted with the products they will be specifying in their designs. Exhibitors send their product engineers and sales staff to answer all technical questions attendees may have and to demonstrate their products’ applicability in plumbing system designs.

ASPE Tech Symposium

In odd-numbered years, ASPE offers its Tech Symposium—two and one-half days of nonstop technical education for plumbing industry professionals. Taught by industry experts, the educational sessions offered at the ASPE Tech Symposium delve into the nitty-gritty details of current plumbing system design techniques and technologies.

Advanced Education for Plumbing Professionals Plus the Latest Engineering Innovations

At the ASPE Tech Symposium, attendees can choose from a variety of educational sessions in several tracks to customize their learning experience. Classes are designed to teach participants how to integrate the most current design techniques into their projects, with hands-on calculation examples.

To further immerse plumbing industry professionals in the latest engineering innovations, each ASPE Tech Symposium includes a tabletop product show where the industry’s top manufacturers showcase their newest products and teach attendees how to use them in their plumbing system designs.

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