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Potential violations of the Code of Conduct may be reported on-line at: or by email at [email protected]

The Board of Directors may convene a Code of Conduct Council to assist in the review of the allegation.

Anonymous reporting may result in limited ability to take corrective action.

If you believe that activities at an ASPE event may cause undue harm, please notify a member of the ASPE staff immediately or contact building security or the local police.

To Our Membership

On September 18, 1964, the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) convened, voting in a slate of officers, creating the bylaws, and officially registering and incorporating our Society. For decades, the Society has operated with an understanding that the Society would do its best to be stewards of the plumbing industry.

Since its inauguration, ASPE has developed into an International Society with a diverse membership. The 2018-2020 Board of Directors established a Conduct Working Group to develop and implement the Society Member Code of Conduct. This booklet has been created as part of our Policies & Operations Manual to help the membership understand our commitment to the Society. The Code of Conduct follows ASPE’s guiding principles, and all members are expected to honor this code. Throughout the Code of Conduct, the word "Society" is used to represent all members of ASPE.

The implementation of this policy by the 2020-2022 ASPE Board of Directors created the ASPE Code of Conduct Council. The Code of Conduct Council is a group of appointed individuals, all confirmed by the Board of Directors. As you face challenges, refer to this Code of Conduct for direction. Even though your challenges may be complex and dynamic, ASPE’s guiding principles remain constant. Additional guidance and support is available from your Region Directors, Society Board of Directors, Society Executive Director/CEO, or anyone on the Society Code of Conduct Council.

Respect, Honesty, and Integrity were essential to our founders and are critical to our continued future success. ASPE is personally committed to our Conduct program and asks for your individual commitment.

Respect, Honesty, Integrity and Due Diligence

The American Society of Plumbing Engineers is committed to doing the right things the right way, with respect, honesty, integrity and due diligence as its guiding principles. By acting with honesty and integrity, ASPE builds the strong and enduring relationships that are critical to its long-term success.

A Shared Commitment

ASPE expects every person who is a member of the Society to share its commitment to respect, honesty and integrity. In all ASPE events and activities, all members representing ASPE are expected to act in a professional manner.

The Code of Conduct also applies to ASPE-related online or social media activities. All members shall respect ASPE members’ privacy when posting to social media sites and are encouraged to promote positive communications only, while refraining from harassment or bullying behavior.

Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Society

Appropriate Use of Technology

The appropriate use of technology is part of ASPE's commitment to honesty and integrity. An ASPE-issued device must never be used to view, gather, store or distribute  abusive, pornographic, sexually suggestive, discriminatory or harassing content.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Gifts and Entertainment

This section is intended to provide some guidance on the concept of moderation and discretion in ASPE activities.

Complying With the Anti-Bribery Laws

ASPE is committed to complying with anti-bribery laws that apply whenever or wherever Society business is conducted. These laws prohibit the offering, promising, authorizing, giving, soliciting or receiving of any form of bribe or kickback.

A bribe is anything of value (such as money, a gift or a favor) offered with an intent to improperly obtain or maintain a Society advantage. A kickback is a reward paid by one party to another in return for improperly making or fostering a  particular Society arrangement.


The ASPE Code of Conduct Working Group


Carol Johnson


Bryan Hutton, CPD, MBA

ASPE VP Education,
Chair of Committee

Blair Minyard, PE, CDT

Alabama Chapter President, ASPE VP Technical

Don Taylor, CPD, GPD

Houston Past Chapter President

Jill Imig, PE

Wisconsin Past Chapter President

Donald Keith, CPD, FASPE, MSS

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