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ASPE maintains a comprehensive publishing program, spearheaded by the profession’s basic reference text, the Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook, which encompasses more than 50 chapters in four volumes and provides comprehensive details of the accepted practices and design criteria used in the field of plumbing engineering.

ASPE members can access eBook versions of the current PEDH volumes by clicking on the following book covers. NOTE: The Digital Copy is an eBook, not a PDF. It will require the use of a digital reader such as Adobe Digital Editions.

Nonmembers can purchase copies in the Bookstore. Not an ASPE member? Click on the Join/Renew button above to get your handbooks for free!

Submit a Correction

To submit a correction to any PEDH, please email [email protected]. Include the volume number and page number(s) and provide supporting evidence for the proposed change.

Archived Versions

To access any previous editions of the PEDH, contact [email protected].

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