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For more than 95 years, “Apollo” Valves has been a beacon of innovation and precision. Today, operating under Aalberts integrated piping systems, the "Apollo" brand thrives across three cutting-edge South Carolina facilities. Our distinction lies in providing top-tier industrial and commercial valves and fittings, all meticulously crafted on American soil.

Our journey commenced in 1928, and since then, we've been devoted to crafting solutions that go beyond industry norms. Our product spectrum spans ball valves, butterfly valves, safety relief valves, control valves, mixing valves, and backflow preventers. Each embodies our commitment to not just meet but surpass industry standards.

At “Apollo” Valves, our heritage extends beyond mere products—it serves as a testament to the art of American craftsmanship. Rooted in the "Made in America" philosophy, we concentrate on producing top-notch products that gain recognition worldwide.

As we forge ahead, our mission remains clear: to continuously innovate and uphold our reputation for excellence. With the "Apollo" name, deeply rooted in American manufacturing, we're resolute in shaping the future of industrial and commercial valves and fittings.


Contact “Apollo” Valves

10715 Sikes Place, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28277

704-841-6000 (US)
905-851-9494 (CAN)

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