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Dear Chapter Officer or Member,

Thank you for taking the first step in helping your chapter establish a program to teach the youth in your area about your profession and the industry. The documents here have been developed for students grades K-5 (ages 5-10) and then grades 6-12 (ages 11-18). You may have to adjust accordingly, but the authors and Education Committee feel that each section have appropriate material in there suitable for the respective age ranges. They are to be used as a guide to help with your presentation. Maybe you have additional resources you'd like to incorporate into your presentation? Go for it. Each volunteer and chapter have different resources to use these documents as a guide. Review these documents prior to visiting with your school(s) and ensure you have the appropriate materials and technology available to you.

The first step would be to reach out to a school local to you. Introduce yourself to the department chair or a school administrator and ask if there is an opportunity for you, the visitor, to teach more about plumbing engineering and plumbing design. Maybe the sciences classes need a guest speaker? Or maybe there's a career day in a classroom? The opportunities are endless!

These documents are the first of their kind and will include updates and additions the more chapter officers notify the Society and the Education Committee on where improvements can be made. Please reach out to us before and after your presentation(s) so we can continually improve these program.

Thank you for your support and reach out to us with any questions you may have. After you have completed your presentation we would love to hear how it went and if you have any photos to share with us. Please let us know how it went and what changes or suggestions you may have.

ASPE Education
Education Committee
[email protected]

Grades K-5 Materials - ages ~5-10

Instructions (read first!)
Single family home diagram
Puzzle pieces
Water cycle poster

Grades 6-12 Materials - ages ~11-18

Instructions (read first!)
PowerPoint presentation (also used for National Engineers Week)
Student worksheet handout
Student worksheet completed sample

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