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How a Fellow Is Selected

The ASPE Fellows selections process is operated and administered by a Fellows Selection Committee made up of members of the College of Fellows. Candidates must have been a member of ASPE for a minimum of 20 years and nominated by another member. Self-nomination, grandfathering and posthumous nominations are not allowed.

In selecting Fellows, the Fellows Selection Committee shall evaluate the significant and exceptional contributions of each nominee. Emphasis shall be given to service to ASPE. Other criteria to be considered shall include, but not be limited to: ASPE Chapter and Society growth; ASPE Chapter and Society leadership; technical and practical research in the field of engineering with an emphasis on plumbing engineering and design; engineering technical accomplishments by or for ASPE or other related organizations (as evidenced by publications, awards, or similar); intellectual and leadership contributions in the advancement of education programs for the profession and industry; championing and adoption of local, state, or federal legislation, including codes; advancements and contributions in the theory or practice of plumbing engineering, design, contracting, or manufacturing, including education and academia.

The consideration for each candidate shall be judged on each individual’s nomination and reference information without any consideration to any other candidate under consideration. No one criteria or group of criteria shall govern the selection process to the exclusion of any other, with the exception of service to ASPE. The Fellows Selection Committee shall decide what weight to give each criterion based on the information provided.

Candidates must meet the criteria outlined in at least three of the following categories: (.pdf)

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Nomination forms are due by February 29, 2024.

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