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Omega Flex Inc. (OmegaFlex) was established in 1975 and is a leading innovator and manufacturer of flexible metal hose and piping products. Typical applications for our products include flexible piping for fuel gases in residential and commercial construction, semi-rigid piping for liquid fuels for automotive, marina, and backup generation, flexible tubing for medical, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical, and pure gases, and flexible hoses for various industrial applications requiring a high degree of flexibility with the ability to carry corrosive substances at cryogenic or very high temperatures. OmegaFlex currently has more than 100 patents registered worldwide and is a product- and engineering-driven company committed to meeting our customers’ performance requirements.Utilizing innovative manufacturing technologies, OmegaFlex produces the highest-quality and most cost-effective solutions to the industry. Our staff of experienced engineers and technicians design and build state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, produce and test new products, and perform in-depth product analysis so we can implement solutions to “problem” applications. Factory-authorized training and customer support are provided on all products, with the goal of complete customer satisfaction, from design to installation and commissioning. Our goals are to provide quality engineered products, exceptional customer service, and on-time shipments.OmegFlex is ISO9001 and ISO13458 certified to promote best practices across our business. In compliance with our quality program, all new products are subject to a complete design review, validation, and verification prior to product release, and testing documentation is maintained on all existing and new products manufactured by OmegaFlex. All products are periodically re-evaluated including testing to their respective design and performance standards as well as assessments with respect to material recyclability, and material efficiency. Our dedication to safety and value ensures that we provide only the finest and most economical products on the market.OmegaFlex is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the trading symbol OFLX. We sell our products internationally with operating facilities located in Exton, Pennsylvania and Houston, Texas in the United States and Banbury, England.

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Once again, Omega Flex Inc. (OmegaFlex) is shaking up the status-quo of the piping world. OmegaFlex, a leading innovator in the corrugated tubing industry, set the bar last year by having the only seismic-certified piping systems for above grade use by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). All three OmegaFlex products (TracPipe® CounterStrike®, MediTrac®, and DoubleTrac®) can eliminate all intermediate piping system joints (that historically have been the leading cause of leakage after earthquakes), reduce installation time, reduce the seismic bracing demand, and lower the final system cost compared to all other traditional rigid metallic piping products. Installation of OmegaFlex flexible piping systems can also contribute to the functional recovery and resiliency of buildings by reducing the downtime after an earthquake. OmegaFlex is pleased to announce its ICC-ES listing now includes all three piping products for both above and below grade installations. For the full report, please visit ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-4565.

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