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Built Like a Bock
Robust, innovative commercial water heaters built by people who care.


Bock Water Heaters was established in Madison, Wisconsin in 1929. They are 100 percent employee owned and provide a broad array of commercial gas, electric, oil, and indirect water heaters and storage tanks. The Bock OptiTHERM, their flagship commercial gas product, is up to 99 percent thermal efficient with up to 6:1 turndown. Available in models from 125,000 to 900,000 Btu, with superior engineering and a five-year warranty, it is your lowest total cost/best choice water heater. The Bock ElectriTHERM has the lowest standby loss in the industry, and the New Bock Swing Tank is the ideal electric complement for your heat pump system. Bock is also the No. 1 supplier of commercial and residential oil-fired water heaters. All of these products are manufactured in the USA and “Built Like a Bock.”


For Optimal Thermal Efficiency

High BTU Instantaneous Modulating Condensing Commercial Gas Water Heaters

  • Extremely efficient
    • 99% at Low Fire
    • 98% at High Fire
  • Fits through 36-inch door
  • Front intake/exhaust for zero rear clearance
  • Automatic cathodic corrosion protection system
    • No sacrificial anode rods
  • Natural gas or propane
  • Stealth Quiet™ operation

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Swing Tank Plus

As heat pumps become more popular, many benefit from a dedicated swing tank for greater plumbing loop temperature maintenance. The Swing Tank Plus was designed for use in single-pass or multi-pass commercial heat pump water heating systems or as an emergency backup electric water heater.

  • Augments energy input for multi-pass heat pumps when ambient temperature < 40°F
  • Step modulation between three inputs: Min, Mid, or Max
  • Two input configurations available:
    • 12.1 / 24 / 36kW
    • 18 / 36 / 49.5kW
  • 50 and 119 gallon model
  • 208, 240, or 480 VAC
  • Versatile piping options
  • UL listed

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OptiTHERM Virtual Tour

Take a look inside and see how Bock engineering has achieved Optimal Thermal Efficiency

Bock App and BockNET Remote Access

The Bock App provides easy access on your phone to pricing, parts, technical data and other key information.

BockNET Remote Access lets you monitor your Bock water heaters from your phone or computer.

Watch the video to see how easy they are to use, or learn more with our sell sheets.

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