CPD 2018-2020

CPD 2018-2020

Dear CPD,
On April 30, 2020 your application for recertification is due. The information is at the bottom of this page for your reference.
This page also serves to remind you of the changes in the recertification program effective May 1, 2019 for your cycle ending April 30, 2020 and all candidates who successfully pass the CPD Exam from April of 2019 and on. The recertification document was revised in 2019 to be more in line with the CPD program and plumbing engineering and design. The main changes are as follows:
  • Section 3.2.2 of the recertification document states: “Activities such as tours of a manufacturing or research facility of a company/organization that is in the plumbing or fire protection industry also qualify for continuing education. The tour shall be sponsored by the Society or an ASPE Chapter and be at least one hour in length excluding any travel, meal or social activity. Participants shall earn 0.1 CEU in total for participating in the tour of a sponsored manufacturing/research facility that is hosted by the Society or ASPE Chapter.” This means that in order for a tour of a manufacturing facility or plant to be valid for CPD recertification it is to be sponsored by ASPE, the Society, or an ASPE Chapter. Regardless of the duration of the tour, participants will earn 0.1 CEUs, 1 contact hour, for their participation of the tour. The tour must be one hour in length and a Society staff member or representative or ASPE chapter officer must be onsite for the duration of the tour.
  • Section 3.5 of the recertification document highlights industry leadership activities and their applicable CEU values

Reminders from the 2015 change

  • A minimum of 1.2 CEUs (50%) of the 2.4 CEUs required must come from fire protection, plumbing engineering or design
  • A minimum of 1.2 CEUs (50%) of the 2.4 CEUs must be from an approved provider such as ASPE or ASPE Chapters who issue CEU certificates for their formal training sessions.
    • ASPE hosts monthly webinar programs and all live webinars are available as archived webinars.
    • ASPE offers a new Read, Learn, Earn article every month where you can earn 0.1 CEUs for free. If you successfully complete one article per month you will have earned the required 2.4 CEUs and the minimum of 50% from an approved provider.
    • Approved CEU providers other than ASPE are always listed under Education > CEU Provider Program > Find Approved CEU Providers. The direct link is here: https://aspe.org/education-credentialing/aboutceuprovider/ceu-providers-list/
  • Activities such as college, university, and technical school work in engineering earn 1.0 CEUs (10 hours) per semester-based hour or 0.7 CEUs (7 hours) per-quarter based hour upon successful completion with a grade of “C” or higher.
All of the information stated above and an electronic copy of the document are below. These materials might adjust slightly within 2 years.
  • Click here to download a recertification document for your cycle which began May 1, 2018.
  • Click here to download a recertification log which is not mandatory when submitting your recertification. This is for your reference only and is only required when submitting audit documentation.
If you have any questions please let us know.
Don Strickland, CPD, GPD, FASPE
Credentialing Committee Chair


Pam Rosenberg, CAE
Director of Education & Certification
[email protected]

To confirm, your CPD recertification is due April 30, 2020. You need to earn the 24 hours of continuing education prior to then and submit the recertification application online. You can submit your recertification application starting January 1, 2020.

Please keep in mind if you submit the application early your cycle does not changes dates. Your cycle will still be May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2020 and any credits earned between the time you submit your application and April 30, 2019 will not count towards your next cycle.

  • Are you an ASPE member? Make sure to take advantage of the free monthly Read, Learn, Earn articles and earn 1 hour of continuing education.
  • Make sure you keep track of all ASPE chapter meetings you attend and ask the chapters for proof of attendance such as a certificate. “Receipts” or “calendar invites” are NOT acceptable proof of attendance or participation. Talk to your chapter officers about this if you’re unsure.
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