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CEU Provider Program Fees and More

Once you are an approved provider, proceed here to generate certificates or here to renew your provider status.

To Become an Approved Provider Follow the Steps Below

  1. Download the CEU Provider Guidelines here (.pdf)The training program content should align with one of the five areas covered in the CPD Examination: Gathering Information, Design, Specifications, Construction Services, and Administration. To see more subject areas click here. If you are inquiring from an association please contact ASPE Education before proceeding.
  2. Download and complete the provider application here (.doc)
  3. Return the completed application to ASPE Education by email.If submitting the application electronically (preferred): Submit payment then complete the online form here

    If mailing the completed application with a check, send it to:American Society of Plumbing Engineers
    Attention: ASPE Education, CEU Provider Application
    6400 Shafer Court, Suite 350, Rosemont, IL 60018

  4. ASPE Education will notify you within 10 business days of application submission.

General Subject Matters that ASPE Will Consider to Issue CEU Credit

Approved education and professional development programs that ASPE will consider for CEU credits are defined as efforts undertaken to advance, broaden, and enhance the individual’s technical knowledge and job skills in plumbing design / engineering career. These skills are in engineered plumbing systems serving residential dwellings and commercial, institutional, industrial and public use facilities, such as hospitals, laboratories, factories, schools, shopping centers, stadiums and the like. Some of these systems include potable water, domestic hot water, recycled water, sanitary and industrial waste, storm drainage, laboratory water and waste, medical gases, compressed air, vacuum, venting, fire protection, irrigation, water treatment, and sewage disposal. Besides the design aspects of the plumbing systems, classes can also be in selecting suitable equipment, writing specifications, prepare cost estimates to name a few.

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