Updated Design Standard for Stormwater Harvesting Systems Is Now Available


ASPE and the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) are pleased to announce that ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI 78-2023: Stormwater Harvesting System Design for Direct End-Use Applications was approved as an American National Standard (ANS) by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) on February 6, 2023.

First published in 2015, ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI 78-2023 went through an extensive development process using ASPE’s ANSI-accredited standards development procedures to incorporate input from all facets of the building design and related industries. The Working Group, headed by Bob Boulware, PE, spent countless hours fine-tuning the standard based on public comments and input from ASPE’s Main Design Standards Committee to ensure that the standard meets current industry and government regulations.

“It was an honor to chair this Working Group and work with such talented individuals to ensure that ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI 78 was updated to the highest industry standards,” Boulware says. “I applaud them and ASPE’s Main Design Standards Committee for their undaunted effort in this initiative.”

ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI 78-2023 will assist engineers, designers, plumbers, builders/developers, landscape and irrigation professionals, state and local government, and end users in implementing a stormwater harvesting system while protecting public health and safety. It applies to new stormwater harvesting installations, as well as alterations, additions, maintenance, and repairs to existing installations. ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI 78-2023 continues where ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI 63-2020: Rainwater Catchment Systems ended, in terms of harvesting surfaces. It supersedes ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI 78-2015.

ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI 78-2023 is available for purchase as an eBook on ASPE’s Bookstore.

ASPE has been an ANSI-accredited standards development organization since 2012. All ASPE standards are developed to be published as ANS according to our ANSI-approved Procedures for ASPE Design Standards Development. You can learn more about ASPE’s standards development program at aspe.org/publications-news/standards.

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