More than 30 Plumbing Designers Earn the Certified Plumbing Design Technician (CPDT) Credential


We would like to congratulate the following plumbing industry professionals who passed the 2021 Certified Plumbing Design Technician (CPDT) exam. They now can use the CPDT designation after their name to signify their excellence in plumbing system design to employers and their peers.

  • Umaima Aamir, CPDT, Seattle Chapter
  • Emmanuel Aguilar, CPDT, Chicago Chapter
  • Ricardo Arana, CPDT, Central Texas Chapter
  • Luis A. Artavia, CPDT, Overseas Chapter
  • Marvin Emerson Bonilla, CPDT, Denver Chapter
  • Andrew Allen Corzine, CPDT, Minnesota Chapter
  • Mohammadreza Dehghanpour, CPDT, Washington, D.C. Chapter
  • Clayton Kenneth Dosmann, CPDT, Member at Large
  • Tyler Michael Flanum, CPDT, Minnesota Chapter
  • Harrison Kimsey Fox, EIT, CPDT, Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Philip Richard Gee, CPDT, Atlanta Chapter
  • Charlie Kenneth Harrelson, CPDT, Hampton Roads Chapter
  • Laura Hernandez, CPDT, Houston Chapter
  • Samuel Dale Joslin, CPDT, Central Ohio Chapter
  • Joseph Gabriel Leitao, CPDT, Boston Chapter
  • Daniel Leroy Lucas II, CPDT, Los Angeles Chapter
  • Samantha Jean Mallon, CPDT, Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Kara Manis, CPDT, Portland Chapter
  • Bryan Alexander Morgan, CPDT, Philadelphia Chapter
  • Joseph Maier Nelson, CPDT, Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
  • Jacob Enrique Prado, CPDT, Central Texas Chapter
  • Anthony Pugliese, CPDT, Richmond Chapter
  • Justen Roberts, CPDT, Portland Chapter
  • Thomas Paul Rosaschi, CPDT, Raleigh Chapter
  • Patrick James Ryan, CPDT, Philadelphia Chapter
  • Devin Alan Strickland, CPDT, Charlotte Chapter
  • William Ryan Sullivan, CPDT, Oklahoma Chapter
  • Salvador Talancon, EIT, CPDT, Los Angeles Chapter
  • Troy Tooke, CPDT, Toronto Chapter
  • Lisa Marie Tysk, CPDT, Minnesota Chapter
  • Steven Van Ast, CPDT, Western Michigan Chapter
  • Joseph Arthur Villegas, CPDT, Seattle Chapter
  • Dustin Lee White, CPDT, Boston Chapter
  • Josh Wright, CPDT, Arkansas Chapter

ASPE developed the CPDT program to provide professional recognition of qualified individuals who design plumbing systems. For more information on the CPDT program and exam, visit

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