ASPE Awards Local Chapters for Their Achievements


At the 2019 ASPE Tech Symposium Lunch & Awards Ceremony, ASPE President Carol Johnson, CPD, LEED AP, CFI, FASPE, recognized numerous Chapters for their achievements in the past year.

Chapter Award of Merit

The Chapter Award of Merit captures the spirit of dynamic volunteerism and is awarded on the basis of a Chapter’s accomplishments in the past year as measured by 15 distinct areas. For 2018–2019, the following Chapters were recognized:

  • Region 1: Baltimore, Boston, Montreal, New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia
  • Region 2: Central Ohio, Cleveland, Eastern Michigan, Pittsburgh, Western Michigan
  • Region 3: Alabama, Central Florida, West Coast Florida
  • Region 4: Phoenix, Portland
  • Region 5: Central Texas, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Kansas City, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Omaha, Wisconsin

Membership Growth Award

The Membership Growth Award is given in two categories: to Chapters with up to 99 members and to Chapters with 100 or more members. The award is presented to the top three Chapters in each category with the highest percentage of growth in the past year. For 2018–2019, the award was presented to East Tennessee, Rochester, and Oklahoma and Central Indiana, Orange County, and Houston respectively.

Membership Retention Award

The Membership Retention Award is presented to Chapters that retained 90 percent or more of its previous year’s membership. For 2018–2019, the award was presented to:

  • Region 1: Baltimore, Central New York, Long Island, Philadelphia, Quebec, Richmond, Virginia Blue Ridge
  • Region 2: Buffalo-Niagara, Cleveland, Johnstown, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Southwestern Ohio, Toronto
  • Region 3: Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, North Florida
  • Region 4: Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco
  • Region 5: Oklahoma, Omaha, Wisconsin

Congratulations all!

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