ASPE Announces the Winners of the Society’s Top Honors


On Monday, September 19, during the 2022 ASPE Keynote Breakfast and Award Ceremony at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, ASPE bestowed the Society’s top honors on numerous individuals to recognize them for their unceasing efforts on behalf of the Society and the industry.

We are pleased to announce that the following awards were presented.

  • George W. Runkle Award of Merit: Mitchell J. Clemente, CPD, FASPE—The highest recognition presented by ASPE, the Society Award of Merit is named for the fourth ASPE President and is presented biennially, when merited, to an individual for their dedication and inspired service to the advancement of the ideals and goals of the Society.
  • Donald F. Dickerson Founder’s Award: Frank Teebagy, PE, GPD, FASPE—This award recognizes the lifetime achievements and dedication of an individual to promote ASPE and its mission. It is presented to individuals who have put a lifetime’s effort (25 years minimum) into ASPE on the Society level.
  • Edward W. Saltzberg Distinguished Service Award: Ronald K. Bartley, PE, CPD, CPI/CPE, FASPE, and Rui “Paulie” Silvestre, FASPE—This award is presented to individuals who have provided dedication and outstanding contributions to the Society and the profession.
  • Industry Award: Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co. and Bradford White—The Industry Award is presented biennially, when merited, to a company for outstanding service to the advancement of plumbing engineering technology.
  • Peter E. Warshaw Service Award: David P. Carrier—This award recognizes individuals who wholeheartedly support the Society and are intimately involved with the membership.
  • Kenneth G. Wentink Award of Excellence: Rich Albrecht, Eitan Gauchman, Lisa Gonzalez, Racquel Rodriguez Guerrero, Brian Henry, Ramiro Mata, Nichole O’Connor, Gretchen Pienta, Cliff Reis, Nadine Schmitt (ASPE staff)—This award honors individuals and staff who have worked unselfishly for and on behalf of the Society, with little fanfare and often with minimal visibility to the leadership and members of the Society.
  • ASPE Chapter Humanitarian Award: Chicago Chapter and Eastern Michigan Chapter—This award recognizes and honors ASPE Chapters that have unselfishly given back to the local community and them for their altruism and benevolence.

Congratulations all!

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