ASPE Announces the Newest Certified Plumbing Designers (CPDs)


We are pleased to announce that the following industry professionals successfully passed the 2021 Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) exam and now are eligible to use the CPD designation after their names.

George Abdelmalek, PE, CPD 

Scott Adams, CPD

Gerard Audet, CPD

Soheila Bahadorinejad, CPD, EIT

Javad Behrouzfar, PE, CPD, LEED AP

Marko Butsyak, CPD

Timothy Campbell, CPD

Arturo Cantu, CPD

Mark Charland, CPD

Alejandro Chavez, CPD

Evan Wan Hin Cheung, CPD

Lyle Collins, CPD

Kevin Desrouilleres, CPD

Adam Dingler, CPD

John DuQue, CPD

Nicholas Efird, CPD

Shripal Fernando, CPD

John Fonder, CPD

Benjamin Froehlich, CPD

Nick Fuller, CPD

Anthony Gurka, CPD

Ryan Henderson, CPD 

Gary Higginson, CPD

Chad Hill, CPD

Sebastian Hollabaugh, PE, CPD

John Houdek, PE, CPD

Reza Hussaini, CPD

Jose Iraheta-Escamilla, CPD

William Jimenez, CPD

Kody Kendall, CPD

Juhwan Kim, CPD

Sai Rohan Kollu, CPD

Joseph Kuchinskas, CPD

Stephen Lucich, PE, CPD

Shawn Milligan, CPD

Charles Morgan, CPD

Nicholas Morrison, CPD

Tyson Newkirk, CPD

Tuan Nguyen, PE, CPD

Sean O’Sullivan, BESc., CPD

John Pacholski, CPD

Yash Palawat, CPD

Brian Peceny, CPD 

Lance Reynolds, CPD

Sidney Royal, CPD

Manar Saied, PE, CPD

David Schultz, PE, CPD

Vincent Scriboni, CPD

Hanyan Shen, PE, CPD

Justin Spurlin, CPD

Mahder Tewolde, CPD

Sean Thompson, CPD

Carlos Tolentino, PE, CPD, GPD

Mark Trojahn, CPD

Jasper Van der Linde, CPD

Carlos Viramontes, CPD

Nicholas Von Myhr, CPD

David Ware, CPD

Alex Wheaton, CPD

David Willingham, PE, CPD

Chris Wisor, CPD

Mark Wolfgang, PE, CPD

Justin Wroblewski, CPD

Donghui Xu, PE, CPD, PMP

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