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ASPE DLS PBX Documentation

The URL to access the system to change settings and such:

Conference Rooms

For the conference system, dial 1000 either from within ASPE or during the menu on the main number. You will then be prompted to enter a room followed by the # Key. Then you will be prompted for the pin followed by the # key. It will then say what room you are entering.


Room 101 | Pin 8614

Education & Certification
Grants/Reg. Affairs
Exec. Dir.

Accessing Voicemail from outside of ASPE

  1. Dial ASPE home office number: 847-296-0002
  2. When greeting starts, dial 21
  3. Your extension
  4. Your password

Feature Codes and How to Use Them

Feature Code Description
xfer (Soft Button) TRANSFER: press xfer, extension#, person answers, announce, press xfer a 2nd time.
bxfer (Soft Button) BLIND TRANSWER: press xfer, extension#, hang up. Call is transfered.
dnd (Soft Button) DO NOT DISTURB: sends all calls directly to voice mail.
cfwd (Soft Button) FORWARD: press cfwd, enter phone number to forward all calls to.
redial (Soft Button) Brings up a list of previously dialed numbers.
2980 RECORDS A PAGE: System asks to record a page, after finished then hang up and page will play.
21 RETRIEVE VOICEMAIL: To get voicemail from outside office, asks for extension, then password.
30 CALL PARKING: While on a call hit the xfer soft button on phone, right side below window. Then enter 30# and system will give you a parking spot number. Hit xfer again. Hang up and go to another extension and dial that number, you are now reconnected to that call on a different extension.
95 CALL MONITORING (Admin only)
Download Voice Mail Guide

ASPE-File Connectivity issues

If you are having issues trying to connect try this:

In finder go to the Go menu. Then at the bottom click on connect to server. Enter this in the dialog:


Then press connect.

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