Powerex Announces the Next Generation of Enclosed Vacuum Systems

Powerex Enclosed VacuumPowerex is pleased to announce the next generation of its Enclosed Vacuum Systems, engineered for the safety and comfort of patients, hospital or laboratory staff, and technicians.

Claw vacuum pumps are ubiquitous in healthcare and laboratory facilities due to the ease of use, serviceability, and powerful performance. The widely popular pumps are considered to be an efficient choice for most facilities because of the low maintenance cost and broad range of applications, including suitability for waste anesthetic gas disposal (WAGD)

Though effective for a wide range of applications, claw systems are known to be loud. A claw system can easily exceed NIOSH’s acceptable sound exposure limit of 85 dBA. To overcome this challenge, engineers often must design an additional dedicated room for the claw systems.

Lubricated vane vacuum pumps, while quieter than claw pumps, nonetheless produce irritating noise levels, which can limit placement in a laboratory or healthcare facility.

To combat this challenge, Powerex engineers designed the industry’s first enclosed medical and laboratory claw vacuum in 2017, with units shipped to healthcare facilities around the globe. Leveraging customer experience and industry feedback, Powerex found the environment well-suited for a redesign featuring:

Improved Sound-Reduction: Prioritizing safety and comfort, systems average 12 dBA sound reduction when enclosed, diminishing noise by up to four times the open equivalent.

Heat Dispersion Technology: Thermal output is effectively dispersed, minimizing temperature rise within the system. Pumps operate at near-ambient temperatures, experiencing only a 2°C (4°F) increase even during periods of high demand, maximizing pump life.

Integrated Control Panel: Easy access to key components and intuitive design principles streamline maintenance activities, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Simplified Serviceability: Engineered so routine maintenance is accessible from a single of the four latched side panels, providing convenience to technicians.

Minimized footprint: Designed with all internal plumbing and filters, all units will fit through a standard door.

OSHPD Certified: All units are approved for installation in seismic areas.

“Powerex prioritized both end-user comfort and versatile placement in the facility with our newest generation of Enclosed Vacuum Systems,” says Justin Beck, Product Manager at Powerex. “Importantly, we achieved this without sacrificing performance or serviceability. The system delivers the same powerful vacuum and ease of maintenance as open systems, all while operating at safe noise levels.”


The next-generation Powerex Enclosed Vacuum Systems represent a significant leap forward in optimizing space utilization, noise control, and thermal management within hospitals and laboratories. These systems are designed to meet the demanding requirements of facility engineers while fostering a more comfortable and efficient environment for patients, hospital or laboratory employees, and field service technicians.

Source: Powerex

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