AquaTap Recirculating Faucet from GF Piping Systems Keeps Pure Water Pure for Life Science Laboratories

The AquaTap recirculating faucet from GF Piping Systems keeps pure water pure between a laboratory’s main supply lines and the point of delivery. As part of a complete recirculating system, GF’s patented inline flow diverter (IFD), flexible tubing, and AquaTap faucet keep purified water in motion until use, preventing unwanted stagnation. Now, GF Piping Systems has streamlined the design of its highly effective IFD, retaining all its functionality while speeding manufacture.

Life science laboratories rely on purified water to carry out their daily work without introducing unwelcome contaminants. With several gallons of ordinary water required to make just 1 gallon of DI or RO water, labs invest significant time and money in the production of this resource. However, ordinary lab faucets can pose a threat to water purity. Whenever the faucet is off, water in the line will remain at a standstill, creating the opportunity for microbial growth. This “dead leg” can defeat the purpose of building continuous flow into other parts of the plumbing design.

By contrast, the AquaTap recirculating faucet is designed to keep water in constant motion between the main supply line and the faucet outlet, even when the tap is closed. The IFD, installed along the main water line, uses a pressure differential to keep water circulating between the IFD and the faucet. The AquaTap faucet itself is made of high purity PVDF, and its shape is designed to allow unrestricted flow right up to the precision needle valve. As a result, AquaTap systems are nearly free of bacterial contamination, with a 99.8 percent reduction in colony-forming units (CFUs) versus standard gooseneck-type faucets.

With an AquaTap installation, the IFD can be placed as far as 50 feet from the faucet while still creating effective circular flow. The rate of circulation is the fastest available (up to 2.25 gpm), and the pressure drop created is minimal (typically less than 1 psi). With GF’s flexible tubing, retrofit projects are far more feasible, and all installations are quicker and less expensive than those relying on hard piping (with savings of up to 66 percent on labor and 32 percent on materials). The new, smaller IFD can be produced more quickly, resulting in shorter project lead times.

For more information on AquaTap, visit, or contact GF Piping Systems toll free at (800) 854-4090 or by email at [email protected].

Source: GF Piping Systems

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