ASPE Committees A to Z: Credentialing Committee

Welcome to the next episode of ASPE Committees A to Z. ASPE is always looking for members to join its committees and to participate in the different programs, processes, and governance of ASPE. Today we will look at the Credentialing Committee.



Per Article 10.15 of ASPE’s Bylaws, the Credentialing Committee shall be responsible for overseeing all activities and events related to the Society’s credentialed offerings, including but not limited to the Certified in Plumbing Design program, Certified Plumbing Design Technician program, and Green Plumbing Design program.

During the 2018 Convention & Expo, held in Atlanta, Chapter Delegates voted for the Certified Plumbing Design Committee name to be changed to the Credentialing Committee.

Per pages 8.7–8.8 of the ASPE P&O Manual, the committee shall be responsible for the design, maintenance, implementation, processes, and procedures of testing, certifying, and recertifying program for plumbing engineers and designers. In addition, they shall oversee any outside resource that may be used to validate the test, its policies, and the test results.

  • The Credentialing Committee consists of a Chair or Co-Chairs who are appointed by the Society President, at a minimum. The Society President may appoint additional committee members at their discretion.
  • The committee shall be under the direction of the Society’s President.
  • The Society’s Manager of Education & Certification serves as an advisor to the committee.
  • All committee members and advisors, apart from Staff and any outside resources, shall hold at least one of ASPE’s credentials and/or a PE and maintain an active status within that program.
  • There is no limit to the number of committee members. The Chair or Co-Chairs may solicit new committee members to try and create a group that has representation from each ASPE Region.
  • The Chair and members and any other individual involved, directly or peripherally, with the preparation of questions or any other material related to the CPD/CPDT examination shall agree to and be required to take and sign a pledge of confidentiality regarding all CPD/CPDT exam questions and related material, whether such questions and material are used or only considered. The Chair, each member of the committee, or any other individual involved, directly or peripherally, with the preparation of questions or any other material related to the CPD/CPDT exam shall agree to not teach, instruct, provide help, provide material, or otherwise be involved in any service or product that could be construed to be related to the CPD/CPDT exam or any exam preparation materials during their involvement with the committee and for a five-year period afterward. A member can additionally not sit for the CPD or CPDT exam for a period of five years after leaving the committee.


  • The committee shall create or modify the applications and material necessary for the direct implementation and conduct of ASPE credentials.
  • The committee will meet regularly to compile and edit examinations, test questions, and answers, perform statistical evaluations, and review related material.
  • The committee shall review the results and comments received from the CPD and CPDT exams, evaluate any test questions that 50 percent or more applicants answer incorrectly, and determine the cut score for passing of each examination.
  • The committee shall be responsible for all functions, operations, and administration related to the audit of recertification for the CPD designation. This includes helping determine the method of the selection of the random individuals for a CPD recertification audit.
  • The committee shall be responsible, with ASPE Staff assistance, for the proper preparation of all materials subject to publication including artwork, tables, and graphs for printing, including necessary permissions for all its outside resources as it relates to any ASPE credentials.
  • The final issuance of all materials and recommendations related to ASPE credentials, the processes for auditing those credentials, and the renewal and application for such credentials shall be under the direction of the Society’s Board of Directors.
  • Neither the Chair(s) nor any committee member shall make, or have cause to make, any report or announcement, interim, final, or as an update, verbal or written, regarding the policies, procedures, activities, and materials of the committee or its outside resources without the approval of the Society’s Board of Directors.
  • The Credentialing Committee shall report, in writing, no less than annually, to the President and the Society Board of Directors, the activity status, which shall incorporate an updated interim report of all current and future projects, programs, and work assignments of its Committee members.

How does the Committee benefit or advance ASPE?

The Credentialing Committee advances ASPE by giving members the ability to show their knowledge to the world in the form of credentials outlining their expertise in plumbing engineering and design. It also benefits ASPE by bringing in income from the exams and practice exams.

Can you share something exciting that your committee is working on now or has worked on recently?

Over the past two years we have been actively working on creating additional exams and practice exams for the CPD and CPDT credentials. These are massive tasks involving reviewing each existing question for each exam and making sure the question is fair, the answer is correct, and there is an ASPE publication that provides the answer. Our wonderful committee members have dedicated countless hours to improving these exams and making additional tests and practice tests.

Why would an ASPE member want to join the Credentialing Committee?

Any member should join if they feel passionately about the credentials that ASPE provides and have a desire to make them better and strengthen their acknowledgement in the engineering community. Creating, analyzing, and fact-checking exam questions not only can reassure you of your own knowledge of our industry, but also helps to remind you of the parts of plumbing that maybe you don’t work with day to day but are still under the technical proficiency of a plumbing engineer. Potential committee members should be aware that our committee requires members to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and they are not allowed to participate in CPD/CPDT study session, seminars, prep material, or courses, and they are not allowed to sit for the exams within five years of having been an active committee member. NDAs and committee signups are done annually because of these terms.

If you want to apply to become the newest member of the Credentialing Committee, you need to first fill out the application.

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