Article Submission Guidelines

By joining the ranks of well-respected ASPE Pipeline authors, you will receive international recognition in the industry. In addition to being posted on a website offering unlimited readership, your article also will be featured on ASPE’s social media and in our biweekly e-newsletter. Your byline will be featured prominently in a homepage graphic, and your bio, contact information, and photo (if provided) will conclude the article.

Selecting a Topic

ASPE Pipeline’s readers are interested in learning about new trends and technologies in the plumbing system design industry. Potential topics include sustainability, water quality and treatment, hot water systems, emergency fixtures, fire protection, medical gas and vacuum, pumping systems, and venting systems, among numerous other systems.

Article Guidelines

  • Word documents are preferred.
  • Articles must be nonproprietary.
  • Length is flexible depending on the topic. Longer articles can be published in parts if needed.
  • Graphics are encouraged. Graphics should be provided as PNG files if possible, but ASPE Pipeline staff can convert the format if necessary.
  • Articles must contain the author’s name, bio, and contact information, as well as a color headshot (if available).
  • All articles will be edited for style and grammar.


ASPE holds the copyright on all material published on ASPE Pipeline. Authors retain a nonexclusive, perpetual license from ASPE to produce and distribute an unlimited number of copies of their article so long as all such copies contain the following copyright notice:

Reprinted with permission from ASPE Pipeline, [date]. Copyright © [year]. American Society of Plumbing Engineers. All rights reserved.


Contact Editor Gretchen Pienta at [email protected].

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