NIBCO’s Innovative Webstone Pro-Pal Ball Drain Strainer Now Available with G-Thread Connections

NIBCO Inc. announces new connection options for its existing Webstone® Y-strainer products.

The new Webstone lead-free, dezincification-resistant (DZR) strainers are available with new G-thread bodies that are compatible with a host of fittings and accessories for a custom installation, providing users with flexibility.

Options include a forged DZR brass Y-strainer and the patented Pro-Pal® Ball Drain Strainer™; an integrated ball valve, capped hose drain, and Y-strainer that isolates, drains, and strains any portion of a piped system. Also available are Y-strainers with sweat connections.

“This line expansion is a direct response to our customers’ feedback,” said Lisa Lyon, Webstone General Manager. “After introducing the original set of strainers, the case for additional models in the sweat connection was made by our partners in the field. At the same time, customers also enjoy the flexibility of our G-Series products, which expand the size range, connection types, and application options of products featuring straight-thread bodies. We saw this as our opportunity to offer customizable solutions for strainer applications. We’re proud of our commitment to continuously enhance the Webstone product line to meet the needs of our customers.”

Source: NIBCO Inc.

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