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Guidance for ASPE Members During These Uncertain Times

The American Society of Plumbing Engineers is dedicated to protecting the health, welfare, and safety of the public—and that starts with our members. We want to help you stay safe and also productive wherever and however you are conducting business these days, so we have developed this proactive guidance webpage with resources to help address many of the needs and concerns of our members.

We want to assure you that the ASPE Staff and Board of Directors are taking all precautions to help stop the spread of this disease, including implementing a work-from-home policy for our Staff and suspending all Society-related travel until it is deemed safe again.

As a Staff, we also are taking steps to minimize any impacts on our operations as we strive to maintain all member services during this period as best as possible. The best way to communicate with Staff is via email. Should you need to phone, please leave a voicemail and our Staff will follow up as soon as possible. Additionally, for members needing to renew their membership, or if you know someone wanting to join ASPE, please do so online at

Do You Need CEUs?

With Chapter meetings being canceled, you may find yourself in need of other ways to earn CEUs for your CPD, CPDT, PE, or other credential and license recertification requirements. ASPE offers two easy ways to earn CEUs from your home:

Read, Learn, Earn

On-Demand ASPE Webinars

Getting Design Help from Home

With work-from-home policies, many of us no longer have the luxury of shouting over the cubicle wall to our co-workers whenever we get stuck on a design. Do not despair! At ASPE Connect you can find 3,000+ experts who are waiting to help you out! Do NOT fail to take advantage of this easy and convenient tool for almost instantaneous advice, answers, commiseration, and networking. Social distancing doesn't mean you still can't connect!

General Overviews/Updates

Premise Plumbing Guidance

  • CDC Guidance for Reopening Buildings after Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced Operation
  • CDC Guidance on Water Management Program to Mitigate Legionella
  • CDC Response to FAQs on COVID-19 and Drinking Water, Treated Recreational Water, and Wastewater
  • U.S. EPA Information on COVID-19 and Drinking Water and Wastewater
  • ASHRAE Guidance for Building Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic
  • State of Ohio EPA Guidance for Premise Plumbing Water Restoration
  • State of Ohio Department of Health Recommendations for Water Supply Flushing for Reopening
  • Purdue University Building Water System COVID-19 Guidance Document Evaluation Tool
  • IAPMO COVID-19 Resources for Plumbing and Mechanical Industry Workers
  • ICC Coronavirus Response Center: Various Links to Code Council Documents and Guidance Documents from Allied Organizations such as AGA, AIA, BOMA, PCA, PHCC, NAHB, NMHC

Personal Health

Meetings / Events

  • Meetings Mean Business Coalition Toolkit

Have Questions?

If you are an ASPE Chapter Officer and have questions about the Society's policies, please contact your Region Director or another member of the Board of Directors.

If you have questions about ASPE education, membership, or other Society operations, please contact the appropriate member of the ASPE Staff.

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