Vol. 5, No. 11, May 31, 2012



ASPE receives approval as an ANSI-accredited standards developer

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved ASPE as an ANSI-accredited standards developer effective May 18, 2012, which means ASPE now may sponsor documents for approval by ANSI’s Board of Standards Review as meeting certain criteria regarding due process in development to be designated as American National Standards. “With the granting of ANSI accreditation, ASPE joins the ranks of recognized industry standards developers, which validates ASPE as a leading voice in the principles, concepts, and standards for the plumbing design and engineering community,” says David Dexter, PE, CPD, FASPE, chair of ASPE’s Main Design Standards Committee. More>>


Learn about grease interceptor trends during next week’s webinar

On June 6 at 2 p.m. EDT, Rand Ackroyd, executive director of the Plumbing & Drainage Institute, will discuss interceptor design and

installation, FOG alarm and sensing devices, grease ordinances vs. plumbing code requirements, grease interceptor requirements in the 2012 UPC and IPC, and how to size gravity grease interceptors. Register today! If you become an ASPE member, we’ll waive the registration fee for this webinar. Learn more here.


Plumbing systems tables app is now available for iPhone and iPad

The popular ASPE Tables Book App now can be downloaded from iTunes or the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Just search “plumbing systems design tables” or click here for more information. Are you an Android user? Click here to download the app from Google Play.


ASPE announces the 2012 ASPE Convention & Exposition education program

At the 2012 ASPE Convention & Exposition in Charlotte, North Carolina, more than 35 education sessions will be offered in the following tracks: Fundamental Plumbing, Green Building Systems, Fire Suppression & Advanced Technologies, Emerging Technologies, Professional Management, Healthcare Facilities Design, and the Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Tour. You can follow one track or mix and match! Review the full session schedule to design your own educational experience and get ready to increase your design skills this October.


Enhance your plumbing knowledge with online courses from ASPE and UCLA Extension

ASPE and UCLA Extension have combined forces to educate future generations of plumbing engineers and designers with two online courses this fall: Plumbing Systems I, Code and Engineering Fundamentals taught by Haig Demergian, PE, CPD, FASPE, and High-Rise Building Plumbing Design taught by Peter Kraut, PE. Registration opens July 31, so learn more here and start planning to succeed!

Networking heats up this summer at ASPE chapter events

Product shows, golf tournaments, and baseball outings are just some of the great ways ASPE Chapters help local engineers and manufacturers connect outside of the office. Check out our list of local ASPE chapter events, updated weekly, to find out what’s going on in your area.


Proposed legislation addresses U.S. water crisis

H.R. 5826: Coordinating Water Research for a Clean Water Future Act of 2012 would implement a National Water Research and Development Initiative to ensure clean and reliable water for future generations and for other purposes. H.R. 5827: Energy and Water Research Integration Act of 2012 aims to ensure consideration of water intensity in the Department of Energy's energy research, development, and demonstration programs to help guarantee the efficient, reliable, and sustainable delivery of energy and clean water resources. More>>


Oklahoma governor signs water conservation bill

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed into law the Water for 2060 Act, an ambitious water conservation measure that establishes a statewide goal of consuming no more freshwater in 2060 than is consumed currently in the state. 


New clothes- and dishwasher standards announced

According to the new Department of Energy efficiency standards, residential dishwashers will use approximately 15 percent less energy and more than 20 percent less water, front-loading clothes washers will use 15 percent less energy and reduce water consumption by 35 percent, and top-loading clothes washers will save 33 percent energy and 19 percent water use. More>>


European water partnership proposed to handle water challenges

The European Commission has proposed a European Innovation Partnership on Water to boost innovation to deal with water-related challenges in the areas of urban water management, rural water management, and industrial water management. More>>


Irrigation sprinkler standard being developed

The International Code Council and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers have joined to develop a new ANSI standard that will establish requirements for the design, performance, and uniform testing and assessment of landscape sprinklers and emitters. More>>


Video helps teach the public about the importance of water reuse

“Downstream,” by the WateReuse Research Foundation, provides an illustrated and easy-to-understand overview of water reuse technologies to help the public get over the “ick” factor of direct potable reuse. You can view the video and read the accompanying research report here.


EPA and Department of Veteran Affairs join to promote a veteran workforce for the water industry

The U.S. EPA has signed an MOU with the Department of Veterans Affairs' Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service to help connect veterans with disabilities with career opportunities in the water sector to support the development of a trained and competent workforce to fill staffing needs at water and wastewater utilities. More>>


Autodesk fabrication software for MEP engineers and contractors released

The new Autodesk Fabrication software contains a set of applications designed to help extend building information modeling (BIM) across the building lifecycle to support the fabrication and construction of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing projects. More>>


Minneapolis rainwater harvesting workshops being held June 13–15

The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) is holding a one-day introductory workshop and a two-day 200-level workshop at Andover Extension Regional Center in Andover, Minnesota for those interested in learning about rainwater harvesting design methods and obtaining the ARCSA AP designation. More>>





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