Wisconsin Chapter Member Receives Milwaukee Valve’s Terry Sherman Memorial Award

ASPE Wisconsin Chapter member Lisa Hall is the 2022 recipient of Milwaukee Valve’s Terry Sherman Memorial Award. Lisa is an Application Engineer, and she achieved this honor with the development and execution of Milwaukee Valve’s webinar program in 2021.

The award is named for Terry Sherman, who was renowned for his enthusiasm and positivity, as well as his Valve Schools, which were directed at sales representative agencies, distribution partners, specifying engineers, and installing contractors.

Milwaukee Valve’s webinar program specifically targets these audiences by creating content to educate or supplement their knowledge base.

In 2021, Lisa spearheaded the execution of seven bootcamps, five of which qualified for continuing education credit units from ASPE. The webinars ranged in length from 30 to 60 minutes, on topics for all audiences to increase their knowledge base.

“A knowledgeable engineering, contractor, and distributor base is essential to our industry,” said Tom LaGuardia, Milwaukee Valve’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Lisa was willing to do the work required to promote the product line at the engineering and contractor communities. This training is a necessary tool for everyone in the sales chain and was reflected in the success we experienced in the marketplace in spite of the difficulties created by the pandemic.”

Copies of the webinars are archived at Milwaukee Valve’s website.

Source: Milwaukee Valve

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