WCC Walks Through the Benefits of Having a High-Capacity Ultrafiltration “Firewall”

WCC High-Capacity UltrafiltrationThe source of life for everything on Earth—from plant life, animal life, human life, and bacteria—water can be a tricky substance to control. How do we keep the water clear of any growing microorganisms when they already reside within it?

To solve this issue, municipalities provide disinfectants within their water to help keep it free and clear of any microorganisms that may already be living there. However, these disinfectants alone may not fully solve the problem, especially when considering buildings that have these microorganisms already growing within their water systems. These disinfectant residuals provided by the city may be inadequate and could require a supplemental disinfectant injection onsite.

In these cases, WCC recommends a whole-building (point-of-entry) High-Capacity Ultrafiltration (HUF®) system as a “firewall” to prevent new microorganisms and new nutrients (food for the bacteria) from entering the building’s plumbing system. The HUF® firewall greatly increases the municipality-provided disinfectant’s efficacy without requiring any additional treatment to control waterborne pathogen levels (including those of Legionella pneumophila).

With WCC’s knowledge, expertise, and equipment, you can provide an injection of free chlorine (sodium hypochlorite), chlorine dioxide, and monochloramine with fixed and variable-speed pumping, BAS connectability, residual concentration monitoring, and chemical replenishment programs (monochloramine only).

For more information about WCC’s High-Capacity Ultrafiltration system, visit watercontrolinc.com/legionella-pathogen-control-2/disinfectant-residual-management.

Source: WCC

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