More than 80 Plumbing Engineers Earn the Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) Credential

We are pleased to announce that the following industry professionals successfully passed the 2022 Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) exam and now are eligible to use the CPD designation after their names.

Alabama Chapter

Oguz Dayi, CPD

Atlanta Chapter

Matthew Dugan, CPD
Keith A. Karmilovich, CPD
Chaitram Persaud, CPD

Baltimore Chapter

Michael Andrew Betz, IV, CPD
Mark Allan Dy, PE, CPD

Boston Chapter

Hazem Mohamed Ahmed Mohame Abouafia, CPD
Jeanette Lin, CPD
Andrew Powers, CPD

British Columbia Chapter

Dale Andrew Jeppesen, CPD

Buffalo-Niagara Chapter

Thomas Ryan, CPD

Capital Region NY Chapter

Clinton Scott Hayduke, PE, CPD

Central Indiana Chapter

Alexander Michael Betz, CPD
Siddharth Sanjay Bhat, PE, CPD, GPD, LEED AP
Dale Michael Musgrove, CPD

Central Texas Chapter

Tyler Johnson, CPD
Kelsey James O’Connor, CPD, EIT
William Wallace Standley, CPD

Charlotte Chapter

Jeremy Lucas Briggs, PE, CPD
Denis Mikhaylovich Pinchuk, CPD
Scott Repenning, PE, CPD

Chicago Chapter

Lindsey A. Lehman, CPD

Connecticut Chapter

Nelson Carvalho Vieira, CPD, LEED AP

Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter

Andrew Clear, PE, CPD
Jennifer Rilling, CPD, LEED AP BD+C
Samantha Preece, CPD

Denver Chapter

Eric M. McTee, CPD

East Tennessee Chapter

Benjamin Joseph Mimms, CPD

Hampton Roads Chapter

Erin Cox, CPD

Houston Chapter

Hannah Elyse Harris, PE, CPD
Sheryl A. Herr, CPD
Jaemin Huh, PE, CPD

Johnstown Chapter

James Michael Vizzini III, CPD

Kansas City Chapter

Codi James Darbyshire, CPD
Stephen Lawrence Tatum, CPD, LEED AP

Long Island Chapter

Paul Eric Freeman, PE, CPD, LEED AP

Los Angeles Chapter

Tamer Luka, CPD
Majid Mesforoush, CPD
Armando Nunez, CPD

Member at Large

Baalaganapathy Manohar, CPD, PE, LEED AP

Minnesota Chapter

Andrew Mitchell Matter, CPD
Sean Christopher Whitney, CPD

Nashville Chapter

Matthew A. Harakas, CPD

New Jersey Chapter

Daniel P. Bischoff, PE, CPD
Jinal M. Parekh, CPD

New Orleans Chapter

Cory Giammolva, CPD

New York City Chapter

Kevin J. Escarraman, CPD
Keith Francis Fitzpatrick, PE, CPD
Angel De Jesus Lopez, CPD
Stephen Terry Murphy, CPD
Edward V. Rebentisch, CPD

Northern California Chapter

William Benninger, PE, CPD

Orange County Chapter

Marquis Douglas, PE, CPD
Mohammad Othman, CPD
RJ Santiago, CPD

Overseas Chapter

Tarek Riad Dalati, CPD, LEED AP

Philadelphia Chapter

Patrick James Ryan, CPD
Richard D. Strasser, CPD
Matthew Steven Vorwerk, CPD

Pittsburgh Chapter

Timothy Glenn Moore, CPD
Jason Pektas, CPD

Portland Chapter

Aleksejs Povidailo, CPD

Raleigh Chapter

Josue S. Desousa, CPD

Richmond Chapter

Patricia Lynn Colwell, CPD
James R. Shearon, CPD, LEED AP

Rochester Chapter

Nolan Andrew Jessop, CPD

San Diego Chapter

Erik Almoyan, CPD
Tyler Pamphile Bohachek, CPD
Karen Faith Gray, CPD, LEED AP
Michelle Kiana Shadpour, CPD

San Francisco Chapter

Antonio De Jesus Aguayo, CPD
Daniel Siqueira, CPD

Seattle Chapter

Beverly Chen, CPD,  EIT
Benjamin John Muyres, PE, CPD

South Florida Chapter

Andre Craig Leslie, CPD

St. Louis Chapter

Anthony James Hickman, CPD
Crystal Lynn Kramer, CPD
Gregory John Wanko, CPD

Toronto Chapter

Matei Botezan, CPD

Washington, D.C. Chapter

Joederick Abrigo, CPD

Wisconsin Chapter

Ryan Koenig, CPD


Calvin Burdick, CPD
Chris Dowse, CPD
Austin Michael Jefferson, CPD
Joshua Lukes, CPD
Cesar A. Romero, CPD
Lionel C. Scott, CPD


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