Save Water, Salt, and Money with Brine Reclamation, WCC Style

WCC’s brine reclamation technology improves system efficiency by putting less salt and water down the drain during water softener regeneration. Typical reduction in salt usage often exceeds 30 percent, with no reduction in softening capacity. On large water softening systems, this can equate to significant savings in both money and labor. It also means discharging less salt overall into our precious water supplies.

During regeneration, brine water normally makes a single pass through the softener media before going to drain. With brine reclamation, concentrated brine water is recirculated for multiple passes, via a venturi mechanism. After several minutes of recirculation, the brine water is finally released to drain. Brine water flow is directed via a three-way valve with 24VDC power, which integrates into the softener control valve(s).

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Source: WCC

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