QuantumFlo’s Boosters are Kickin’ It at Orlando City SC Stadium

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and this year’s focus is on solutions that irrigation professionals bring to society through best practices and efficient technologies. This Irrigation Association initiative is celebrated throughout the month to promote the social, economic, and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products, and services in landscape, turf, and agricultural irrigation. QuantumFlo is proud to offer sustainable irrigation solutions that conserve water, increase efficiency, and foster sustainability within the industry. One such solution is the QuantumFlo irrigation and booster system at the Orlando City SC Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

Natural Turf Stadiums

Stadium systems can be a challenge from a plumbing perspective since many people are in one spot with a limited number of bathrooms. That’s only half the battle in a sports stadium with natural turf, however. The Orlando City Soccer Club constructed a stadium in 2017 for their new MLS expansion team with 25,500 seats and that recognizable purple hue on the walls. As with any natural turf stadium, the more important color to maintain is not the paint on the walls, but the green on the field. A mecca for everything outdoors, Orlando is challenged with showing fans and the world that they know turf. The stadium’s designers, not wanting to take chances with an irrigation system that might not be up to the challenge, called on QuantumFlo to manage both the domestic water pressure boosting and the field irrigation.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are very similar to booster systems in that they increase the pressure of the city water supply, regardless of the flow. This constant pressure is just as important when it is delivered to a sprinkler head with a specific throw pattern as a lavatory in a public area. In fact, there are few differences between plumbing boosters and irrigation boosters, and this is why QuantumFlo’s state-of-the-art technology is employed with tremendous success in both applications. It is also why QuantumFlo offers irrigation-specific systems that are designed to integrate into landscape controls seamlessly.

Both the domestic water and field irrigation systems utilize the iQFlo™ 3.0 Booster Operating System Software (B.O.S.S.) to accurately control water pressures with no hunting or pulsing. Furthermore, the stainless steel frame, fully enclosed, and ventilated controllers, active line-surge, voltage regulator, and noncorrosive pumps and motors make QuantumFlo systems impervious to the battering of Mother Nature—a constant in Florida between hurricanes and daily thunderstorms. Long service life is then followed by full connectivity to irrigation control panels through the permissive run feature, assuring owners that a broken pipe at 4 a.m. doesn’t take out the entire sports field. Turf that’s not up to snuff not only looks terrible but also causes a snowball effect of additional costs, making a smart irrigation system that’s dependable and reliable, no matter what, essential.

Irrigation Solutions from the Industry Leader

Irrigation designers and owners alike rely on very precise pressure control to maintain the beauty of their surroundings, sports fields, or just the natural areas within a development. There is only one name in the industry that has the best guarantee, the lowest rate of service cost, the most efficient energy management, and the longest life-cycle in the industry: QuantumFlo Irrigation.

Source: QuantumFlo
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