AWE Launches Pilot Program for Whole-Home Flow Monitoring Devices and Smart Irrigation Controllers

The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) has released two Requests for Proposals for nationwide (excluding California) direct-distribution pilot programs covering whole-home flow monitoring devices and smart irrigation controllers. Building on the success of other state and regional direct-distribution programs across the U.S., AWE is seeking proposals from manufacturers to help build a program that not only makes smart water technology readily available to consumers, but also creates new sources of data and insights for water managers.

This pilot program is a new initiative for AWE designed to give water utility members exclusive access to special discounts and features for smart devices that are made available directly for sale to customers. The manufacturers will offer a discount per-unit price as a bulk discount to AWE water utility members choosing to use this program. Because the California Water Efficiency Partnership is already running a similar pilot program, the AWE program excludes California. Click here to learn more and to view both of the RFPs.

Source: Alliance for Water Efficiency

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