November 2022 Legislative Update: Finishing the Year with Great Momentum

The Legislative Committee and Council Meeting at the 2022 ASPE Convention & Expo provided an interactive discussion on a wide range of topics. Thank you to all who attended! I’ve provided a recap of several of these topics below.

  • ASPE P&O Manual: In addition to Chapter 2: Bylaws, Chapter 4: Chapter Operations Manual of the Policy & Operations Manual can only be updated at the Biennial ASPE Convention, and a Joint Region Meeting was held in Indianapolis to review and vote on the proposed changes to Chapter 4. All ASPE Chapters are encouraged to review Chapter 4 and be prepared to submit proposed changes, which will be due in late May/early June 2024.
  • Legionella Design Guide: The public review period for the Legionella Design Guide closed on October 3, 2022. The Working Group is reviewing the comments for resolution.
  • Industry Participation: ASPE continues to serve on various industry committees and working groups. The following is a few examples of our current involvement: ASHRAE 514: Risk Management for Building Water Systems Physical, Chemical, and Microbial Hazard Committee; IAPMO Water Demand Calculator Task Force; and IAPMO Manual of Recommended Practice for Safe Closure and Reopening of Building Water Systems. Our Executive Director/CEO, Billy Smith, FASPE, also serves as Chair of the IAPMO We-Stand Technical Committee and the ASME A112 Committee.
  • IPC and UPC Model Code Status: The 2024 IPC and UPC code cycles are completed, and it’s time to begin preparing for the 2027 code cycles. The proposed code changes will be due to IAPMO and ICC in early January 2024. Any member interested in submitting a proposed change with ASPE support can complete the Code Change Form and submit it by November 1, 2023.
  • ASPE Connect: As a reminder to Legislative Council members (Chapter VPLs) and Legislative Committee members, your respective ASPE Connect Communities are available so you can continue the conversations started at the Convention with the other Chapter VPLs, share newsletter articles, and update each other about activities within your region.
  • Legislative Committee: In support of efforts to increase ASPE involvement in the model code development process, a new subcommittee will be formed. Additional details will be provided soon. Currently, Legislative Committee members are tasked with reviewing the code proposals for the Uniform Solar, Hydronics, and Geothermal Code (USHGC), Uniform Spa, Pool, and Hot Tub Code (USPHTC), WeStand, and the National Model Codes of Canada. Committee members should refer to the ASPE Connect Community for additional information.

Get Involved!

ASPE members interested in participating on the Legislative Committee can complete this application. Volunteer opportunities to represent ASPE on working groups or committees outside of ASPE also are frequently available. If you have focused areas of interest that you would be willing to volunteer for, please advise me to ensure that you are notified of those opportunities.

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