GF Piping Systems Launches NeoFlow Pressure Regulating Valve

GF Piping Systems logoCo-developed with OFUI, the GF Piping Systems NeoFlow pressure regulating valve (PRV) allows water utilities to easily implement pressure management technology and benefit from a renewed water network, a solution to avoid non-revenue water. The compact polymer valve is nine times lighter in weight and uses 40 percent less installation time than a standard metal PRV. The axial flow technology makes NeoFlow more accurate in operation.

The NeoFlow PRV, with its pressure management technology, is targeted toward existing and future water utility networks to help them reduce excess consumption, existing leakage, and unnecessary mechanical stress. As a polymer PRV, NeoFlow offers numerous advantages over traditional metal valves, such as a long, stable, corrosion-free life and low maintenance requirements.

“NeoFlow provides water utilities an easy entry into balanced pressure management and automated actuation, leading to a more sustainable distribution network,” says Olivier Narbey, Senior Business Development Manager for water networks at GF Piping Systems. “Designed using only three primary components (without an actuator stem and diaphragm) and a single moving part, the polymer NeoFlow PRV significantly reduces maintenance costs, raises reliability, and simplifies the life of operators and installers of water networks.” Additionally, GF Piping Systems can design and pre-assemble an installation kit that will save up to 40 percent of installation costs when upgrading an existing site or creating a new PRV chamber.

NeoFlow’s axial flow design allows a highly accurate and stable flow (down to zero) even at a small operating differential. The NeoFlow PRV has been successfully used by IRETI, allowing pressure control with 1 percent to 100 percent opening of the valve, delivering extreme precision and stability, says the IRETI’s Water Leakage Manager. IRETI manages the integrated water service, through various companies operating in Northern Italy, for a total of approximately 2.7 million inhabitants. A 25 percent pressure reduction in networks leads to up to 75 percent less pipe burst frequencies. The higher flow precision also enables pressure management in low-pressure systems.

Source: GF Piping Systems

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