GF Piping Systems Extends the MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus Product Range

MULTI/JOINT 3000GF Piping Systems extends the MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus product range with new dimensions for water transport lines.

The MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plusrange has proven itself as a quick, safe, and simple to connect solution for water or gas pipe networks without the need for special tools. Now, GF Piping Systems is increasing the flexibility of the system by introducing large dimensions up to DN1025.

In the fight against global water loss, efficient solutions for maintenance and repair play an important role. To meet the demands of utilities and installers, GF Piping Systems is therefore offering its MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus system in the additional dimensions DN900, DN925, DN1000, and DN1025 for application in water transport lines. This also includes fittings such as couplers, adapters, or reductions.

The new sizes retain the same properties as the rest of the lineup. MULTI/JOINT features a patented restraint pullout resistance system that is designed to meet the specifications of a diverse range of materials and outside diameters. Instead of time-consuming processes such as welding or flanging, the fittings are connected via easily accessible bolts that do not require specialized tools. This both simplifies and speeds up the installation process. In addition, the fittings have an angularity of ±8 degrees per socket end (up to 16 degrees for a coupling), which increases flexibility. Thanks to a corrosion-resistant epoxy powder coating, MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus products have a 50-year life expectancy.

Rick van Kesteren, Marketing and Sales Manager/Head of Product Management at GF Waga, is pleased with the product launch: “For 30 years, MULTI/JOINT® has earned a reputation around the world as a high-quality solution. By extending the lineup, we have not only managed to create the largest range of restraint fittings—from DN50 to DN1025—but are also addressing the needs of water utilities worldwide. We believe that our new MULTI/JOINT heroes can serve as a valuable tool in the ongoing fight against water loss, creating connections for life.”

The first DN1000 MULTI/JOINT was recently supplied to Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier, a Dutch company that has already successfully implemented the MULTI/JOINT® system in the past. The DN1000 installation replaced an existing sewage pressure pipe. The pipeline relocation, constructed mostly through horizontal directional drilling (HDD), benefitted from MULTI/JOINT’s angularity options, making seamless connections. Rudy Woudenberg, Area Sales Manager/Product Manager Development at GF Waga, ensured the precise installation of the DN1000 MULTI/JOINT®, gathering valuable feedback from the site supervisor. The installation of the DN1000 coupler, positioned over 3 meters below sea level, has demonstrated the potential of the new MULTI/JOINT® dimensions for demanding water applications.

Source: GF Piping Systems

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