August 2023 From the President’s Keyboard: Enjoying the Journey

Jim Zebrowski, PE, CPD, LEED APIt’s August, midway between the first day of summer and the first day of fall. Most of our ASPE Chapters are still on summer recess, but for the Society, things are just heating up. The final planning for the 2023 ASPE Tech Symposium is in full swing. ASPE’s Staff is finalizing every detail to make sure the Product Show, technical sessions, audio/visual, Welcome Party, breakfast and lunch rooms, and awards presentation are all perfect. Perfect? Well, as close to perfect as they can be.

What is perfection? Is it ever really achievable? That probably depends on your interpretation. My contention is that nothing or no one can ever be perfect, and there is nothing wrong with that. What is most important is to strive for perfection. I have a life parallel to consider.

I have been working out using an online training program. With the membership subscription, you have access to all of their trainers, and you can work out virtually anywhere in the world. Currently, I have been running and hiking in Tahiti and Moorea—virtually, that is. Paolo, the trainer, is great at keeping you motivated. He also offers insights into setting goals, based on his own fitness journey. He stressed that while fitness may be your goal, it’s really only a target. You can have smaller goals—lose some weight, train for a 5K, hike a mountain—but fitness is an ongoing challenge. You strive for fitness, and the important thing is to enjoy the journey along the way.

For me, that translates directly to my work as an ASPE Board member, in my profession, and as a husband, father, and grandfather. I’m not perfect and never will be. I do understand that, but I have decided that I’m going to focus on enjoying the journey. I can say that it has made things a lot more fun. It works for me, and I recommend trying it if you haven’t already. There is nothing wrong with being driven and working hard. That is what keeps us motivated and on the path to success. As Paolo and I suggest, be sure to take time to appreciate everything along that path.

You may have just completed a great set of construction documents or closed your best sale of the year. It may not have been perfect. There may have been another way to get the hot water circulated through the building. That’s okay. There’s always another way. Every day at work is a learning process. Do your best each day and love what you do. The next project will get you a little closer to “perfect.”

That’s enough philosophy from this writer for one month. I will reserve my Tech Symposium preview until September’s columns. Until then, I will be out there striving—striving and smiling. Enjoy your day and enjoy the journey. Thanks for sticking with me through this article.

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