August 2023 ASPE Legislative Update: What Is the Difference Between an ASPE Council and an ASPE Committee?

At the ASPE Chapter Leadership Summit, I discussed the difference between ASPE Councils versus ASPE Committees. ASPE has three councils: Membership, Legislative, and Technical and Research. The councils are comprised of the members who serve as Chapter Vice President, Membership, Chapter Vice President, Legislative, or Chapter Vice President, Technical.

To participate on an ASPE Committee, members must complete the application and conflict of interest statement applicable to the committee they wish to join. Applications must be resubmitted every two years. Completed committee applications can be submitted here.

The official language from ASPE’s Policy and Operations (P&O) Manual is provided below. You can also refer to the ASPE Committees page on our website or Chapter 8: Society Committees of the P&O Manual for detailed information on ASPE’s committee operations.

Chapter 8, Section 8.9, states:

Society Councils represent the major functional areas noted and report to the Society and Chapter officer Board of Director positions. Chapter Vice President for each of the functional areas are comprised of the members of each council, which is chaired by the related Society Vice President for that function area. The three society councils are Technical and Research, Legislative, and Membership.”

The first paragraph of Chapter 8 states:

Society committees are appointed to perform specified duties in a specific area of Society interest and consist of standing committees (required by ASPE Bylaws), special committees, subcommittees, and working groups. Committee and Working Group Chairs are appointed by the Society President and are responsible for the conduct of the committee’s or working group’s business. The Board of Directors shall prescribe the qualifications and approve the members of all standing committees, special committees, subcommittees, and working groups. The President may create special committees, subcommittees, and working groups as may be necessary.

ASPE Committee Chairs are appointed by the Society President. The Society Vice President, Membership, Legislative, and Technical provide oversight to their councils.

If you have questions, please ask. It is important that ASPE members read and understand the P&O Manual and that our Chapters act in accordance with it.

Don’t forget about the upcoming code cycles! ASPE’s Legislative Committee is accepting changes for the 2027 IPC and UPC code cycles. A Code Change Submittal form is available to complete your submissions. All proposals must be submitted November 1, 2023 to allow time for review by the Legislative Committee and Board of Directors prior to code body submission deadlines.

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