A. O. Smith Unveils Its Voltex 120V Heat Pump Water Heater

VoltexA. O. Smith, a leader in water heating and water treatment, announces the launch of its Voltex 120V Plug-In Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH), an extension of the existing Voltex HPWH residential line. This new addition is specifically designed to meet the demands of gas replacements, offering an easy 120V installation that plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

The ongoing development of electrification and decarbonization requirements on the West Coast led A. O. Smith to create a heat pump water heater that provides a hassle-free transition from gas to electric water heaters. The Voltex 120V model can be plugged directly into a shared circuit wall outlet, ensuring a simplified installation process. Top water connections and a zero-clearance design support an easy installation for contractors and allow for the unit to be installed in a variety of applications. Furthermore, the Voltex 120V unit is ENERGY STAR® certified and qualifies for many federal, state, and local utility rebates.

“The launch of the Voltex 120V model showcases A. O. Smith’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability,” says Arthur Smith, A. O. Smith Product Manager. “With cutting-edge features like a new lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, R-513A, and the digital smart valve for superior hot water production, these advancements not only deliver exceptional efficiency but also play a significant role in reducing a home’s carbon footprint. At A. O. Smith, we’re dedicated to creating a greener future without compromising performance.”

One of the key advantages of the Voltex 120V HPWH is its ease of use and the added peace of mind it offers to homeowners. With whisper-quiet operation that eliminates the need for vibration isolation accessories, the unit ensures a quiet environment. Featuring a digital outlet temperature control, homeowners can easily set their desired water temperature without the need for a manual mixing valve, simplifying maintenance and providing added convenience for users. Additionally, the Voltex 120V HPWH comes equipped with an included leak sensor and shutoff valve, providing enhanced protection and minimizing potential water damage. Homeowners can also stay informed and in control with iCOMM™ remote monitoring notifications, allowing for proactive monitoring and maintenance.

Because it plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet, the Voltex 120V HPWH is sized differently than other units from the Voltex family. Typically, contractors will need to size up to ensure that homeowners can continue to use hot water at the same rate. The Voltex 120V models are designed to provide similar First Hour Ratings to 30-, 40-, and 50-gallon gas water heaters to cover the most common installations. To learn more about the product, professionals can visit the newly launched A. O. Smith website, which provides details to help best specify these units to ensure optimal performance.

For more information on A. O. Smith’s Voltex 120V HPWH and the Voltex HPWH residential line, visit hotwater.com.

Source: A. O. Smith

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