Zurn Releases New EZ Gear Sensor Flush Valves and Retrofit Kits

Zurn Industries, LLC has announced the expansion of its EZ Gear Technology portfolio with the EZ Gear Sensor Flush Valves and Retrofit Kits. The EZ Gear Sensor Flush Valves incorporate the company’s EZ-Flush®, AquaSpec® faucets, and GO BLUE® parts.

“The new motor gear-driven operation extends the life of the sensor flush valve by eliminating the solenoid commonly found in other designs,” said Dan Danowski, Zurn Product Manager for Finish Plumbing. “With fewer and more robust moving parts in contact with the water, you can expect them to withstand up to 1,000,000 cycles. Architects will appreciate the modern design, while business owners can depend on proven performance and lower cost of ownership.”

This series includes water closet flush valves in 1.6-gpf, 1.28-gpf, and 1.1-gpf flow rates. The urinal flush valves are available in 1.0-gpf and 0.125 gpf-flow rates. Each valve contains the company’s chemical-resistant Zurn GO BLUE parts. The patented diaphragms, gaskets, and seals typically last eight to 10 times longer than rubber components. The sensor promotes sanitation and soft-close flushes quieter than before. The line is now available in battery power.

The EZ Gear Sensor Retrofit Kits allow contractors and building owners to replace existing Zurn or Sloan® handle-operated diaphragm water closet or urinal flush valves. Kits include a Sloan ring adaptor. Retrofit kits speed up upgrades for commercial restroom applications.

Source: Zurn Industries, LLC

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