Zurn Expands Its Connected Products Portfolio

Zurn Industries, LLC has added battery-operated sensor faucets, flush valves, and retrofit kits to its Zurn Connected Products portfolio. The new offering delivers the same hands-free activation and wireless connected data monitoring through Zurn’s web portal, plumbSMART™. The battery operation is designed to make installation easier for contractors and building owners.

“The number one goal is to keep your restroom clean and germ free,” says Warren Anderson, Zurn Sr. Product Manger IoT. “IoT takes touchless technology to the next level for smarter maintenance, lower costs, and a better experience for all. Now upgrading to those real-time insights and advantages just got easier. Our customers asked us for battery-operated connected products. We listened and delivered.”

The battery-operated Zurn Connected Products use long-range wireless technology to uncover usage patterns, water consumption metrics, preventative maintenance needs, and handwashing scores to maintenance personal and building owners. Custom alerts and notifications can be received via email, text, or push notification on the mobile app. The expanded line is available now.

Source: Zurn Industries

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