Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Launches Combined Lead and PFOA / PFOS (PFAS) Filter

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Corp. has announced the launch of its first combined lead-, PFOA-, and PFOS-reducing filter integrated into Elkay® bottle filling stations and faucets for schools, hospitals, airports, and other commercial and residential applications.

“As more is learned about the serious health effects of forever chemicals on people and as regulations evolve, we’re pleased to expand our certified filtration to PFOA and PFOS, two of the most prevalent per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) chemicals,” said Todd A. Adams, Chairman and CEO of Zurn Elkay Water Solutions. “This filter offers a tremendous option for our customers looking to provide safer, cleaner drinking water for everyone in schools, universities, and places where people gather.”

This new 2,250-gallon WaterSentry® 71300C product is certified to reduce PFOA and PFOS as well as lead, cysts, Class I particulates, and chlorine taste and odor from drinking water under NSF/ANSI 42 and 53. There are additional environmental benefits as well, as the 2,250-gallon capacity equates to eliminating the use of 14,400 single-use 20-ounce plastic water bottles.

“Our WaterSentry 71300C filter utilizes highly engineered activated carbon, which adsorbs these contaminants,” said Scott Nielsen, Director of Filtration for Zurn Elkay. “This technology is the most water efficient solution for filtering PFOA and PFOS to the NSF/ANSI certified levels. To achieve certification for PFAS reduction, a filter must reduce the PFAS chemicals down to a concentration that is 250 times less than what is required for lead certification, so we are very excited to be able to offer the market this tremendous upgrade.”

For ease of maintenance, the 71300C filter is equipped with a quick-disconnect, quarter-turn installation and an automatic inlet shutoff valve that closes when the filter is removed. The self-contained replaceable cartridges help to limit exposure to contaminated media when performing routine filter changes. With Fillsafe™ recognition, new filters are automatically recognized and the filter status light will return to green.

Source: Zurn Elkay

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