Webstone Hydraulic Separator Is All-In-One Solution for Primary and Secondary Piping

Webstone Hydraulic SeparatorWebstone®, a brand of NIBCO, releases a new Hydraulic Separator to ensure ongoing system performance and efficiency.

The Webstone Hydraulic Separator combines multiple components to balance flow between primary and secondary piping, protects systems from debris, and eliminates accumulated trapped air. Its unique, patent-pending design includes a 12,000-gauss magnet, an air separator, a dual-scale temperature/pressure gauge, mounting brackets, and hardware. Available in press, SWT, FIP, and MIP G-union connections, in sizes 1 to 1½ inches.

Learn more at webstonevalves.com.

Founded in 1954, Webstone now operates as a brand of NIBCO and is recognized as an industry leader for innovative design of residential and commercial valves used in plumbing, hydronic, radiant, solar, and geothermal applications. These designs focus on time and space-saving concepts that simplify future maintenance and upkeep of all piping systems. Some of the Webstone trademarked and patented items include Hydro-Core®, The Isolator®, E-X-P®, Pro-Connect™, and Pro-Pal® step-saving valves.

Source: NIBCO Inc.

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