WCC Announces Another ASPE-Accredited CEU Course

WCC (Water Control Corporation) is pleased to announce a brand-new presentation, “Water Treatment for Commercial Humidification,” which is available in-person or via webinar and awards ASPE CEU credits.

The course covers the following:

  • Measuring water purity levels
  • Electrode humidification
    • Basic filtration
  • Isothermal humidification
    • Softening (ion-exchange) fundamentals
  • Adiabatic humidification
    • Reverse osmosis fundamentals
    • Deionization fundamentals
  • Water disinfection for humidification
  • Pure water distribution piping for humidification feed
  • The benefits of prepackaged water treatment systems
  • Sizing pure water systems for adiabatic humidification feed

If you are interested in having WCC present to your firm or local ASPE Chapter in 2021, WCC experts are available in-person or via webinar. Reach out to Andrew Paulsen ([email protected]) or Brian Soderholm ([email protected]) for more information or to schedule a presentation.

WCC also offers educational (CEU) courses on Legionella/pathogen control, water reclamation, water softening, high-purity water, and general domestic water treatment (A-Z).

Source: WCC

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