Watts Water Technologies Publishes Its 2020 Sustainability Report

Watts Water Technologies 2020 Sustainability ReportWatts Water Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of plumbing, heating, and water quality products and solutions, has announced the release of its 2020 Sustainability Report, which highlights the Company’s environment, social, and governance (ESG) practices and its commitment to best-in-class sustainability performance.

“After a year that challenged us in many ways, I am proud that we never wavered in our commitment to protect and sustain the world’s water supply through our diverse portfolio of water technologies and solutions. As responsible corporate citizens, we continued to make significant gains across each dimension of sustainability while maintaining focus on meeting the needs of our stakeholders,” said CEO and President Robert J. Pagano Jr. “I am deeply grateful to all of our employees around the world for their perseverance and dedication to Watts and our customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They protected themselves and each other, while remaining steadfast in their commitment to supporting the long-term goals of our business.”

Key accomplishments highlighted in the report include:

  • Reduced consumption of natural resources, including a 33 percent reduction in global water consumption and 16 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The Company also enabled smart monitoring across 80 percent of its high water use facilities to promote early leak and surge detection, and capitalized on investments in various energy reduction projects.
  • A continued shift toward an eco-friendlier portfolio of products and solutions, including the Company’s high-efficiency gas fired boilers and water heaters, which reduced more than 112,000 metric tons of CO2 for customers last year—four times more CO2 than Watts itself generated. The Company remains committed to deriving 25 percent of its revenue from smart and connected products and solutions, which are designed to promote safety, energy efficiency, and water conservation, by 2023.
  • Commitment to providing clean water access to disadvantaged communities through the Company’s ongoing partnership with Planet Water Foundation, which to date has impacted more than 30,000 people in eight different countries. Last year, Watts funded and installed two water purifications systems in Mexico, providing 3,600 people with 10,000 liters of clean water daily.
  • Recognition for sustainability performance from Newsweek magazine, who named Watts among America’s Most Responsible Companies for the second consecutive year. The top 400 companies, spanning 14 industries, made the final list following a detailed analysis of ESG performance from more than 2,000 companies and an independent survey of 7,500 U.S. consumers.

To download Watts’ 2020 Sustainability Report or learn more about the Company’s ESG programs, visit watts.com/our-story/sustainability.

Source: Watts Water Technologies

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