Watts Joins The Water Council’s Alliance for Water Stewardship and Sponsors Tech Challenge

As part of the company’s commitment to water conservation and sustainability, Watts will begin examining water consumption and community watershed risk at nine of its sites through a new membership with The Water Council’s Alliance for Water Stewardship.

The Water Council’s Alliance for Water Stewardship helps businesses mitigate water-related risks while simultaneously creating value from water-related opportunities and assets. The AWS International Water Stewardship Standard acts as a strategic framework to help sites interested in improving their water stewardship improve both in their operations and in their communities.

Specifically, Watts has joined The Water Council’s Corporate Water Stewardship Accelerator project, to develop action plans to improve the company’s water stewardship performance and disclosure that provides a step-wise approach toward progressively more comprehensive water stewardship performance.

“Since water is a shared resource, and water related impacts are local, we are firmly committed to the preservation of water resources through careful water stewardship,” said Alan Gilden, VP, Global Quality.

Watts also has become a sponsor of the organization’s Tech Challenge program.

The program provides creative thinkers with the opportunity to propose ideas and prototypes to major industry leaders.

This spring, the challenge is to present innovative solutions that reduce scale, corrosion and fouling for pipes, tanks, valves and other equipment that comes in contact with water.

To be successful, the solution must be durable, low cost, energy efficient, non-toxic, adherent to common stainless-steel materials, and have an operating temperature capability up to 450°.

Winners will receive project funding, the high potential for joint commercialization with market leaders and access to sponsoring companies’ R&D team expertise.

Source: Watts

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