Water Control Releases Another Animated Water Treatment Video

Most people are familiar with the term “reverse osmosis” and know that it is a widely used means for purifying water. For many plumbing engineers and designers, it is a commonly specified component of their high-purity water system designs. However, few folks understand how this technology actually works. In this video, Part I of a two-part series on reverse osmosis systems, Water Control breaks RO down to the very basics:

  • What is “osmosis?”
  • What is “reverse osmosis?”
  • How does RO work?

You can view the new video here: How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

To learn more about Water Control’s complete RO/DI product lineup, please visit watercontrolinc.com/high-purity-water-systems.

In two weeks, Part II of the video series will take a look at the key components needed to build a functional RO/DI system.

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