Water Control Releases Animated Video on High-Capacity Ultrafiltration (HUF) Systems

Despite ample treatment, city water supplies are most definitely not sterile, nor are private water sources. Every gallon of water entering a facility brings with it millions, or even billions, of microorganisms. COVID-19 shutdowns and emergency water storage requirements in certain states are leading to more water stagnation, which only compounds microbial issues. High-Capacity Ultrafiltration (HUF) can stop virtually 100 percent of microbial intrusion via incoming water supplies, while still allowing disinfectants to pass through unobstructed. Features include:

  • 10-year, fully testable filter membranes
  • Low pressure loss
  • Flow rates to more than 500 gallons per minute (gpm)

In this new animated video, Water Control describes the many applications for HUF technology, as well as the mechanics behind this powerful tool for eliminating the problem of incoming microbes: Ultrafiltration: How it works and where to use it!

To learn more about Water Control’s complete HUF product lineup, please visit watercontrolinc.com/legionella-pathogen-control.

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