Water Control Offers a Brand-New CEU Webinar on High-Purity Water Systems

Water Control is pleased to announce a newly updated, ASPE-accredited CEU presentation on high-purity water systems. This seminar offers 0.1 CEU/1.0 PDH and covers all of the fundamentals of pure water and ultra-pure water systems for a variety of applications. Water Control is offering this presentation live and free of charge to specifiers as well as ASPE Chapters nationwide. A breakdown of the presentation follows.

Commercial High-Purity Water Systems & Applications Webinar

  1. Measuring water purity
  2. Commercial high-purity applications and standards
  3. High-purity water production methods
    • Membrane filtration (RO)
    • Deionization (DI)
    • Electrodeionization (EDI)
    • Distillation
  4. RO system components (pretreatment, production, polishing, storage, delivery)
  5. Additional components for ultra-pure water
  6. Pure water piping system design
  7. RO system sizing/selection

If you would like to arrange a live webinar for your firm or for your local ASPE Chapter, please contact Andrew Paulsen at [email protected].

For support in sizing and selecting high-purity or ultra-pure water systems, please contact [email protected].

Source: Water Control Inc.

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