Water Control Launches New Filtration Technologies for Removing Arsenic and Nitrates from Water

Arsenic and nitrates are two dangerous drinking water contaminants—and are of growing concern around North America. Arsenic is a poisonous carcinogen, which can be very challenging to remove, even with traditional technologies like reverse osmosis. Nitrates come from agricultural pollution and cause issues with oxygen absorption, particularly in infants and in animals.

Water Control’s new Element33 system removes 90%+ of all arsenic (type III and V), as well as iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (which has the rotten egg odor). The media lasts 7+ years and only requires a brief nightly backwash to remain clean. When it does eventually need replacement, it can be safely disposed of in a landfill.

Water Control’s new NitraMAX system fully removes nitrates, nitrites, and sulfates from water—plus it softens the water.

While both of these systems are targeted at residential and light commercial applications, Water Control can provide larger versions of this equipment for commercial applications of any size.

To learn more about arsenic and nitrates in water, check out this animated video: Arsenic and Nitrates in Water.

For more information about Water Control’s Element33 (arsenic removal) systems, visit watercontrolinc.com/element33-arsenic-removal. For more information about Water Controls NitraMAX (nitrate removal) systems, visit watercontrolinc.com/nitramax-nitrate-removal.

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