Water Control Adds New Specifications for NitraMAX Filtration Systems

Water Control is pleased to issue updated specifications for its recently launched NitraMAX filtration systems (for the removal of nitrates, nitrites, and sulfates plus softening).

What has changed? Water Control has added a new contaminant to the list of nasty stuff this system can remove from water: perchlorate.

Perchlorate is a chemical often found together with nitrates. It is a by-product of rocket fuel, fireworks, munitions, and other explosives. It is also an impurity in many nitrate-based fertilizers used for agriculture. Perchlorate has been documented to cause hyperthyroidism and is particularly dangerous to pregnant women and infants.

Click here to view the U.S. EPA fact sheet on perchlorate. As you’ll see, many states have maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) established (between 0.8 and 71 parts per billion, depending on the state). The U.S. EPA has opted not to establish an MCL for perchlorate yet, although it looks like 4 ppb is the level where it will begin paying attention.

The largest number of contaminated sites are in the states of Texas, California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. However, small pockets of perchlorate contamination exist throughout the United States and Canada.

When it comes to perchlorate removal, Water Control NitraMAX systems will remove this contaminant at the same rate they remove nitrate (plus nitrite and sulfate).

While the NitraMAX system is targeted at residential and light commercial applications, Water Control can provide larger versions of this equipment for commercial applications of any size.  For more information, contact Water Control at watercontrolinc.com, 1-866-405-1268, or [email protected].

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