T&S Offers Compression Thermostatic Mixing Valve

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures, has announced the addition of a compression thermostatic mixing valve to its parts and accessories options.

The new 3/8-inch compression thermostatic mixing valve ensures water is delivered at the ideal temperature and helps prevent scalding accidents. The valve features solid, low-lead brass construction and integral check valves to prevent backflow and crossflow.

“Our new compression TMV helps ensure user satisfaction on our faucets—manual or sensor—and is perfect for commercial restrooms to ensure every user encounters the right temperature sweet spot between warmth and scalding,” said Liz Hofius, Product Manager at T&S Brass. “Installing the TMV is one more way we, and installers, can go above and beyond.”

Built with a vandal-resistant locking temperature adjustment knob, the compression thermostatic mixing valve can be ordered with or without a cold water bypass tee. The tee can also be purchased separately. It meets all U.S. and Canada certification requirements.

See specs and more information about the new compression thermostatic mixing valve from T&S on the T&S website.

Source: T&S Brass and Bronze Works

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