The Vinyl Institute Launches Updated PVC/Vinyl Recycling Directory

PVC/Vinyl Recycling DirectoryThe Vinyl Institute (VI) has released a new version of its PVC/Vinyl Recycling Directory that includes more than 100 recyclers across North America that accept PVC/vinyl materials. This updated version of the PVC/Vinyl Recycling directory includes the name, location, contact information and the types of PVC materials recyclers will accept.

“PVC materials can and are being recycled in North America. Our goal is to connect recyclers with general contractors, organizations, and individuals that have PVC materials they want to recycle,” said Ned Monroe, President and CEO of the Vinyl Institute. “We want to keep as much PVC as possible from going to landfills, and connecting recyclers with groups that have PVC items to be recycled is a big step in helping increase the amount recycled pre- and post-consumer PVC materials.”

How the PVC/Vinyl Recycling Directory Works

Visitors to the recycling directory homepage will be asked to select from the list of vinyl/PVC material(s) that can be recycled and to identify the state(s) where the items are located. The directory will identify any recyclers in the states specified that accept the items selected. In some cases, there may be more than one recycling organization, or there may not be one in the state(s) selected. The PVC/Vinyl Recycling directory includes recyclers that take rigid and or flexible PVC materials.

PVC Recycling in the U.S. and Canada

In the U.S. and Canada, more than 1.1 billion pounds of pre- and post-consumer PVC/vinyl materials are recycled annually. That number includes 142 million pounds of post-consumer vinyl materials (mostly building materials). Members of the Vinyl Sustainability Council, an industry collaboration platform founded in partnership with the VI, have set a goal to increase the amount of recycled post-consumer vinyl material by 160 million pounds by 2025. Efforts like the PVC/Vinyl Recycling Directory and recycling pilot programs for vinyl roofing membranes and vinyl siding are helping the industry achieve this goal.

Source: Vinyl Institute

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